May 27th 2020 C Madness

May 27th 2020

The madness of ‘Covid’ continues. It is increasingly obvious that the whole agenda is NOTHING to do with health. The most awful things are happening around the world.

A man George Floyd was murdered by Police. I will never be the same again after seeing it on a Truther Channel online and then on Twitter. The event has had huge coverage.

What about the man? George? A life brutally and publicly cut dead. He died on the cold hard pavement with a leg over his neck. The leg of a murdering Police man whilst a around three others looked on…..

Yes I know . it has happened before and no doubt will happen again, but WE ARE FOREVER CHANGED. The World of real humans needs to awaken and stand and DO something.  Pray, ask that YOU CAN BE THE STRONGEST YOU CAN BE.

Pray, that your thoughts and speech and actions be guided by the TRUE creator .

LOVE EVE ? EVOLVE . We have to bring real love back in to the Earth’s evolution, we are a part and NOT apart.



Are masks safe and effective?

Nourishing Our Children

At the end of this article you’ll find 3 sources that speak to the fact that masks may be safe and effective at reducing the spread of coronavirus. Meanwhile, all of the following articles and videos have been shared in one of our Facebook groups in response to a community member’s inquiry. She wanted to know what the best rationalefor not wearing a mask is:

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Healthy People Wearing Masks, Should They or Shouldn’t They?

Video Testimonial by a Registered Nurse

Should healthy people or asymptomatic carriers wear a mask?

Commentary: Masks-for-all for COVID-19 Not Based on Sound Data

Masks Don’t Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy – Dr. Russell Blaylock received the Integrity in Science Award from the Weston A…

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Today is 18th April 2020 and a long time since I last posted.

So many changes in the world and in me as always. My inner changes I am happy with, for to grow constantly is a life force to be in tune with nature and not to stagnate.

The World and her population I am concerned about in this man made lying ‘crisis’ ‘plandemic’ as many are referring to it as, better known as Covid19. The whole world and every Government is involved and so the scale is tremendously scary. Life should be treated in a wholesome and truthful way. Kindness , awareness and truth, three words mean much when put to action , made manifest. We will all be asked to choose, though not by the so called ‘leaders’ and pitifully inadequate Governments, but by our own CONSCIOUSNESS.  If we sleep through this one we are potentially lost.

For myself, I am happy that I am coming out of shadows I didn’t even know existed. ‘

‘Thinking’ one is ok , is not ‘BEING’ To see one’s own ignorance as never ending is a healthy thing? So the remedy ? To search, to inquire, to look deeply, to BE, just BE.

Let the divine intervention, you cannot stop it ultimately. There truly is more in heaven and earth….. Let’s stay with Earth and our spirits. I have recently (joyfully) come across the work of John Trudell . I urge everyone to hear him speak. He says that we need to look after earth for without earth there is no heaven. He also says that here is the place where your spirit gets eaten. So true , especially now.

As he so lovingly states ‘Protect Your Spirit’ The physical body of mine is fitter than before even as I mature. I will not go down with a ship of lies, if I die it is with or for truth and not for some evil entity’s manipulation or triumph , for GOOD WILL OVERCOME. It has to, it has always, which is why the other guy keeps on trying!


love for now my ramble of today Saturday and not mentally in lockdown!

Pray for vegan peace!

My second blog entry, all very new to me as I am moved to share in peace my message of kindness to all creatures in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Prince of Peace, who did not and could not hurt a living creature. His sacrifice on the cross was meant to be the biggest and last.

God keep us safe from our selves.


First blog post

Hello dear fellow humans. I am a vegan human creature and a new creation in Jesus. Sounds odd? It would have sounded odd to me before my walk with Jesus. I put off being drawn into any religion, all my life really. A big part of that was because of the appalling ways in which man  treats his fellow creatures and each other on this most beautiful planet Earth. I have been totally steadfast in my commitment to kindness to animals , and that means not eating them for starters (or main).

There is no conflict in being vegan and Christian, I know that now.

For myself, I was choosing the vegan option and then along came Jesus who told me I didn’t have to choose one or the other. I believe in Jesus Christ, Lord God and The Holy Spirit.

One being , three persons as I have recently learnt.

The way, The Truth and The Life

I am here to begin a journey in the light. Not to argue . My hope and prayers are for man to see all other creatures and himself as the wonderful creations of God, and to at once grow softer hearts and compassionate minds. Let us all move together to make peace.

There are not and never were any slaughter houses in Eden.

God Bless You